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Hide and Seek

We used to play hide and seek on those hot summer nights of childhood. There was no school the next morning, so we could play well into darkness. It was fun to hide, but no one really liked being "It". That meant "It" gave full effort in trying to find someone else making them "It" in turn.

Sometimes I think we play hide and seek with God. We treat Him as though He is trying to get out of being "It." He has all of the best hiding places, so no matter how hard we look, we just can't seem to find Him. But when I became a dad, I learned something about hiding when I played the game with my children. I found that I got more laughter and pleasure out of being found by them and their reactions of joy and victory.

God is like that. He is the model father. He teaches us how to be the best we can be. God hides in plain sight. It's like when I would hide by putting my hands over my eyes and tell my young children, "Okay, come find me!" They would immediately squeal with laughter and exclaim, "There you are!" God is doing the same thing for us today.

In these dark days of self-isolation, God is not imprisoned by regulations, or mandates. He is right there with you saying, "Okay, come find me!" Standing right beside you, waiting for you to look. He doesn't want you to feel like you always have to be "It."


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