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About us

        1st Anderson Hills is a 44-year-old church that has had a rich heritage, but we are more than our past. We are working to continue to be a vibrant church today. We believe every person can make a difference - in the church, inthe community, in individual lives. That is what we continue to try to do. 

our pastor
Mark Baugh

        Mark is an eclectic kind of guy, maybe a renaissance man (maybe not). He has a wide variety of interests beyond his relationship with God. He is a collector of whatever may catch his attention, a reader of many books (usually several at one time), likes action novels, sketches, dabbles with photography, and loves music (most any kind, but his favorite would be late 60s to early 70s classic rock).


        He is married to Holly and they have two grown children along with two dogs the kids left behind when they moved.


Nora Sargent


Nora has been the secretary at First Baptist Church of Anderson Hills since 2005.  She has often said she feels blessed to be able to serve the Lord and the church in this capacity.  In addition to her secretarial duties, she enjoys working with the children in Sunday School and all other children’s ministries.  She and her husband Ron have been members of First Baptist Church since 1979.  They have a son. 

Debbie Klenk

Music Director

Debbie, her husband Norm and their four girls started attending First Baptist in 1989.  Debbie and Norm still are members.  Their four daughters are grown and live in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Jackson, WY.  Debbie enjoys all her grandchildren as the family continues to grow.  Much time is spent traveling from town to town visiting the family.

 Debbie's favorite activity at church is the choir and playing the piano.  Music is an awesome way to worship God and to hear what He has to say to you.

Marilynn Guertler


Marilynn finds much pleasure in reading (historical fiction and action books - and go back to reread Agatha Christie and Louis L'Amour periodically). Each day she has a special time to read/study the Bible.  In her living room a jigsaw puzzle is usually sitting on a card table being worked on a little at a time. The piano is also a love. To her, music is an introduction to expressing the love of God and worshiping Him; and she really loves to do both with her friends at church.

Trudy Tierney

Trudy and her husband, Mike, have been married for 20 years.  Between the two of them, they have five grown children and ten grandchildren.  The grandchildren are their pride and joy; ranging in ages from one to eighteen years old!  They enjoy spending as much time as possible with them which includes an annual camping trip. They have been part of 1st Baptist Anderson Hills for about thirteen years.  Trudy has been cleaning our church for several years, and believe it or not, it is actually a job she truly loves!  Keeping the church building tidy is just one way she finds to serve the Lord.


A brief historY


1st Baptist began as a chapel sponsored by First Baptist

Church of Mason



The church met in homes, as they grew they met in the

Mt. Washington Masonic Hall, then Summit Elementary

School, and finally their own building in 1973.


May 20, 1973

Church constituted with 134 charter members


December 1973

Erected the building


April 1982

Planted New Life Church


March 2000

Cosponsored Riverside Baptist Church


February 2015

Retired the mortgage on property (3 years early)


Present Looking forward to what God has planned

for us and hoping it will be more active in the years to come.

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